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How has the journalism industry been affected by ‘new media’?

Publishers such as Rupert Murdoch have complained that new media companies, such as Google, Facebook and Twitter, represent not only a threat to their businesses, but also a threat to press freedom itself. New media receives several criticisms, from commercial gripes to concern over algorithms and the removal of content for various reasons. Despite this, […]

A Very Nasty Joke

Two weeks ago, I wrote of my support for the No More Page 3 campaign, while denouncing any attempt by the University of Leicester’s Students’ Union to ban The Sun from sale. I argued that this ban was contrary to the methods of persuasion through reason that the No More Page 3 campaign seeks to […]

Banning The Sun

Perhaps the most alarming aspect of the former emergency proposal (now White Paper) that could serve to ban The Sun and “Lads Mags” from the University of Leicester’s Students Union shop is how unnecessary an idea it is. While I personally have little interest in The Sun’s Tabloid Journalism with Tits, it seems that at […]