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Here come the Drones

Muse have accomplished their long-term goal of hitting number one in America with the release of their latest album. Drones, the trio’s seventh studio album, features the band’s signature heavy guitar riffs, Orwellian concepts and falsetto vocals. While 2012’s The Second Law raised questions about the sustainability of life on Earth, Drones is a concept album focused […]

Kevin Spacey’s Clarence Darrow: A masterful performance

There’s a powerful moment towards the end of Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird when the court audience rises in respect as Atticus Finch walks out of the courthouse after delivering his defence. “Stand up,” the main character is told. “Your father’s passin’.” The act is celebrated because Atticus dared to defend the accused in full knowledge that the […]

Inequality on Elysium

From its initial shot of a future Los Angeles – a city-slum reminiscent of Mexican favelas – to an eerily beautiful slow-pan through space, towards the orbital habitat where the rich live, Elysium draws viewers into its sci-fi world of harsh contrasts. It is these contrasts that shape both the well-imagined setting and propel Max […]

Survival Horror at its Best: State of Decay

Creeping slowly through the dark and silent house, Maya Torres takes care to avoid causing the floorboards beneath her feet to creak. She searches for supplies as she goes; anything that will help her community: medicine, food, sometimes even ammunition to better defend the homestead against hordes. Growing impatient, she quickly searches through a cupboard, […]

Films of Summer 2013

Perhaps the most important thing that kept me going during the tyrannical exam season we’ve just fought through was my excitement for spending time with my friends and family once they were finished. Summer provides the perfect opportunity for BBQs, parties and, of course, trips to the cinema. Frantically searching for any excuse, I managed […]

Muse’s 2nd Coming

Promising a “Christian gangsta rap jazz odyssey, with some ambient rebellious dubstep and face melting metal flamenco cowboy psychedelia”, Muse are back with their latest album, The 2nd Law. With such a grandiose statement, it becomes evident that Muse have gone for a more comical approach with this album, producing music that in the words […]

Making Waves – Ghinzu

(This is an old article I put together for The Ripple whilst they were running their “New Music Monday” event.) My submission for New Music Monday is “The Dragster Wave“, by Ghinzu. This song should be instantly recognisable to anyone who has seen the fantastic film Taken. Ghinzu are an alternative rock band from Belgium, […]