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How fringe parties have changed British politics

British politics is witnessing a surge in the relevance of minor political parties. UKIP have gained two elected MPs. The SNP are threatening to hold the balance of power in the 2015 Election. David Cameron has proposed a seven-way TV debate between the leaders of Labour, the Lib Dems, UKIP, the Green Party, the SNP […]

Will fringe political parties ever go “mainstream”?

Increasing frustration and apathy with the main political parties could lead to a resurgence of votes for fringe parties, according to Waleed Ghani, leader of the newly re-formed Whig party. “It goes back to last May,” he said, “with the European Elections and the local elections. I don’t think I was alone in thinking there […]

Chief Inspector of Prisons calls for greater independence

Justice Secretary Chris Grayling should be stripped of the power to oversee the workings of the Prisons watchdog to avoid potential conflicts of interests, according to outgoing Prisons Inspector Nick Hardwick. Hardwick told a Commons committee there was a major flaw in the fact his post was funded by the Ministry of Justice and appointed […]

Discussing Immigration and Politics with ‘Dreamer’ Carlos Saavedra

At the beginning of this year, the highly esteemed campaigner Carlos Saavedra came to the University of Leicester as part of a national tour with Hope Not Hate. During his talk, Carlos discussed his childhood as an immigrant in the United States and explained how he believed a positive stance on immigration could win political parties […]

The Olympic Closet

In a move combining hatred for certain peoples inborn nature with the social conservative values of the Russian Orthodox Church, President Vladimir Putin recently signed a bill on “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations among minors”. This regressive law criminalizes public expression of support for “nontraditional” relationships, and could lead to heavy fines for any Russian […]

A Very Nasty Joke

Two weeks ago, I wrote of my support for the No More Page 3 campaign, while denouncing any attempt by the University of Leicester’s Students’ Union to ban The Sun from sale. I argued that this ban was contrary to the methods of persuasion through reason that the No More Page 3 campaign seeks to […]

Banning The Sun

Perhaps the most alarming aspect of the former emergency proposal (now White Paper) that could serve to ban The Sun and “Lads Mags” from the University of Leicester’s Students Union shop is how unnecessary an idea it is. While I personally have little interest in The Sun’s Tabloid Journalism with Tits, it seems that at […]