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6 YouTube channels to make you smarter

While learning used to be confined to the classroom, these days, a lot can be learned from spending some time watching educational and entertaining videos on YouTube. Here’s my pick of the most interesting and informative YouTube channels. 1. VSauce Covering a broad range of topics, VSauce answers the deep and meaningful questions of life, […]

Discussing Immigration and Politics with ‘Dreamer’ Carlos Saavedra

At the beginning of this year, the highly esteemed campaigner Carlos Saavedra came to the University of Leicester as part of a national tour with Hope Not Hate. During his talk, Carlos discussed his childhood as an immigrant in the United States and explained how he believed a positive stance on immigration could win political parties […]

Putting the X back in Xmas

It may come as a surprise to you, but there are some people who not only say they dislike Christmas, but really do vehemently hate it. Despite the fact that these people are often shunned as grumpy old men, there are several valid and notable objections to certain parts of this wonderful time of year. […]

Leicester’s Lucky Jim

Within the first few minutes of reading Lucky Jim, the first book written by Kingsley Amis, I was struck suddenly by a wave of vague recognition. At one point, Amis is describing the University where the main character gives his lectures on medieval history: “An ill-kept lawn ran down the front of them to a row […]

Inequality on Elysium

From its initial shot of a future Los Angeles – a city-slum reminiscent of Mexican favelas – to an eerily beautiful slow-pan through space, towards the orbital habitat where the rich live, Elysium draws viewers into its sci-fi world of harsh contrasts. It is these contrasts that shape both the well-imagined setting and propel Max […]

The Olympic Closet

In a move combining hatred for certain peoples inborn nature with the social conservative values of the Russian Orthodox Church, President Vladimir Putin recently signed a bill on “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations among minors”. This regressive law criminalizes public expression of support for “nontraditional” relationships, and could lead to heavy fines for any Russian […]

Dublin: Writers and Rebels

Amid the small crowd of tourists gathering outside Dublin’s General Post Office, an elderly man approaches a small group of pro-choice protesters and makes a remark about how the Church is too powerful, telling them that they’ll never win on abortion. Unhesitatingly, the young protester to which he addressed his attack responds, telling him that the […]