6 YouTube channels to make you smarter

While learning used to be confined to the classroom, these days, a lot can be learned from spending some time watching educational and entertaining videos on YouTube.

Here’s my pick of the most interesting and informative YouTube channels.

1. VSauce

Covering a broad range of topics, VSauce answers the deep and meaningful questions of life, such as Will We Ever Run Out Of Music?Why Are Things Creepy? and What Is Déjà Vu? 

VSauce also has two great spin-off channels. VSauce2 features LÜT, a showcase of some of the coolest and craziest things you can buy online. While VSauce3 has its own version of LÜT centred around gaming, it also has a show called DONG… That’s things you Can Do Online Now, Guys.

2. Veritasium

Using experiments, interviews and even songs, Veritasium throws a light on interesting scientific phenomena.

They’ve also got a video showing how slinky’s fall, using in slow-motion.

3. CrashCourse

Interested in history, literature and psychology? A great way to teach yourself more about these subjects is to take a YouTube course. CrashCourse has eight courses covering subjects such as World War I, Capitalism and Socialism, and How and Why We Read. They’re currently uploading videos for their course on psychology.

4. MinutePhysics

MinutePhysics explains complex physics and other science using stick drawings.

They’ve also teamed up with astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson to answer the question: Does the Universe Have a Purpose? 

5. ASAP Science

Another channel for those fascinated by science. SciShow also uses drawings to answer interesting questions such as What If You Stopped Sleeping?Can Video Games Make You Smarter? and Could We Stop An Asteroid? featuring Bill Nye, the Science Guy.

6. SciShow

Explaining What You Need To Know About Ebola, The Science Of Lying and The Terrifying Truth About Bananas, SciShow covers many scientific fields, discussing news, history and complex concepts of science.




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