Films of Summer 2013

Perhaps the most important thing that kept me going during the tyrannical exam season we’ve just fought through was my excitement for spending time with my friends and family once they were finished. Summer provides the perfect opportunity for BBQs, parties and, of course, trips to the cinema. Frantically searching for any excuse, I managed to expertly increase my procrastination time, dedicating myself to watching YouTube trailers in order to write about films I’m excited for this summer!

Man of Steel – 14 June

Continuing the recent tradition of remaking superhero films, Man of Steel seeks to reboot the Superman franchise. Directed by Zack Snyder and produced by Christopher Nolan, director of the Batman trilogy, the film will explore Superman’s new origin story. Adopted as a child, Clark Kent struggles to hide his superpowers from the world, trying his hardest to fit in and discover his place in life. When Earth is attacked, he dons the infamous cape and S shield, becoming Superman in order to defend Earth. While I’ve never been a fan of Superman in the past – having never seen the draw of an immortal protagonist – this film seems set to reinvent Superman in an exciting new way, enticing new viewers while appeasing fans of the comic.

Monsters University – 12 July

Disney Pixar seem to have hit upon an excellent idea for their Monsters film franchise. When the great Monsters, Inc came out in 2001, I would have been a mere eight years old, afraid of the dark and the ominous sounds that accompanied storms and windy nights.

It’s now 12 years later, I’m 19 (only just getting over my childhood fears) and a university student. The latest Monsters film is a prequel to Inc, with the original voice-actors reprising their roles as the Monsters start “college” (University to us Brits) taking a degree in scaring. When Mike Wazowski meets Sulley, they realise they are polar opposites, engaging in a fierce rivalry which ultimately brings them together. The setting brilliantly allows us to submerse ourselves once again in the Monsters universe, relating to the characters experiences of university


RED 2 – 2 August

Action-comedy RED returns with a star filled cast – Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Mary-Louise Parker, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Lee Byung-hun, Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren – to pit former black-ops agent Frank Moses and his elite team on a cliché ridden action movie adventure, they embark on a global quest to track down a missing nuclear device. With only each other and their cunning wits to rely on, RED 2 promises an excellent cast with a great deal of wit and style.

Riddick – 6 September

One of the greatest anti-heroes of recent years, Vin Diesel returns as Riddick in the third instalment of The Chronicles of Riddick series. Betrayed and left for dead on an isolated planet, Riddick fights for survival against alien predators, becoming both more powerful and more dangerous. This attracts the attention of bounty hunters eager to profit from Riddick’s death, seeking vengeance, he unleashes a vicious scheme for revenge.

Elysium – 20 September


Definitely the film I’m looking forward to the most. Directed by Neill Blomkamp (of District 9 fame) and starring Matt Damon and Jodie Foster, the film takes place in a dystopian future when most of the population resides on a ruined Earth, while the wealthy live on an idyllic and luxurious man-made space station: Elysium. When a factory accident leaves Damon’s character intensely irradiated, he realises his only chance of survival is aboard the technologically advanced Elysium. Yet some on Elysium are determined to enforce anti-immigration laws and preserve the luxurious lifestyle of their citizens, setting the stage for a tense confrontation between Damon and Foster. Neill Blomkamp described the film as “a science-fiction take on the haves and have-nots and the separation of wealth”, evoking images of the Occupy Wall Street movement’s slogan: “We are the 99 percent!”


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